About Us

Hunters Hooks™ was founded in 2016 by Chef Grant and his wife. Chef Grant is a passionate culinary professional with more than 20 years in the industry. As a Florida native he grew up "outdoors" hunting, fishing, and camping. Currently he creates unique game dishes and modernizes classic recipes. His wife also grew up with a love for the outdoors as both an avid equestrian and traveler. Presently she is a school teacher.

Hunters Hooks™ logo stands for land (antlers) and water (anchor/treble hooks). Our brand encourages exploring and appreciating the land and its animals through observation, hunting, and/or preservation; as well as exploring and appreciating the water and its animals through observation, fishing, and/or preservation.

Through raising their family and teaching children Chef Grant and his wife have realized kids and their families just don't spend enough time outdoors. Hunters Hooks™ is about promoting outdoor adventures and activities... because we all need to "Welcome the Outdoors."

Hunters Hooks™ pop-up store is located at: Airport Farmers & Flea Market, 17375 Spring Hill Dr., Brooksville, FL 34604